Traditionelle Handarbeit bei Prolana

Pure natural products "made in Allgäu"

A walk through our manufactory in Allgäu is always exciting! Here our products are made by hand and of the highest quality. Wool is processed into fleece, and mattresses, blankets and pillows are sewn. Our 50 or so employees work hard to bring about a rethink in sustainability and ecology.

The raw materials for our bedding are natural and have excellent properties. Every aspect of our products serves the same purpose: to develop perfect products for your individual sleep needs. It is important to us to protect the health of those who are involved in production. This aspect is just as much our responsibility as the careful use of natural resources.

Mattress production
Mattress production is real manual work. The individual layers of natural rubber and coconut rubber are placed on top of each other and covered with a fleece made of cotton or pure new wool. Then we sew the elements together loosely by hand. A cover made of drill or drill quilt brings the mattress into shape.
Conscientious manual work and control ensure the high quality and long service life of our products. All items are checked for possible errors in our incoming inspection and only flawless products are used in our production.

Bedding production
Of course, quilting machines do some of the work, but a lot of manual work goes in our blankets and pillows too. The employees of our manufactory give a lot of attention to detail to our products. The filling for a pure new wool blanket, for example, consists of many wafer-thin layers of pure new wool, which are layered and compressed to the desired thickness. Stretched in large frames, the shell is quilted with the filling. Cut to the right size, we then carefully hem the individual blankets by hand.