To wash or not to wash?

Prolana Decke

You do not have to wash PROLANA blankets and mattresses that are filled with fine animal hair. Pure new wool, yak and camel hair have high self-cleaning properties so a blow around in the fresh air every now and again is usually sufficient. However, you should air these high-quality products regularly and allow them to dry out well. After all, we lose up to 1.5 litres of sweat during the night.

We also have washable duvets with organic cotton filling in our range. These are particularly suitable for allergy sufferers. They are machine washable, but shouldn't be spun or shaken out strongly after washing. It is best to lay the wet blanket out on a flat surface to dry.

With pillows, the filling is very important. The same applies to the basic treatment as to our duvets. Airing and drying out regularly is usually sufficient. At PROLANA you will also find pillows with removable covers that can be machine washed.

With many PROLANA mattresses you can choose a removable, washable cover. You can wash these in the machine according to the information on the label.

A slatted frame guarantees that your PROLANA mattress is well ventilated from below and can thus release moisture that it absorbed at night. Mattresses should also dry out completely on a regular basis. To do this, remove the cover and, if necessary, the underbed and let it air out for a long time with the window open. You should also turn the mattress over from time to time. The drill quilt covers have practical handles on the sides for this. This means that even larger natural rubber mattresses can be turned "in no time" despite their weight.