Prolana Bettdecke

The secret of the perfect blanket: Natural materials

Natural materials have excellent climate-regulating properties. A warm autumn day followed by a cold night - the fact that a sheep can cope with such temperature fluctuations has to do with the structure of its wool. Camels and yaks have to cope with much colder temperatures. We make use of the different properties of natural products such as pure new wool, yak and camel down hair, cotton and wild silk to create the right blanket for every sleep requirement.
Cotton is ideal for people with less need for warmth. It is washable and therefore suitable for allergy sufferers. We only use cotton from certified organic cultivation.
Wild silk is particularly light and absorbs a lot of moisture without feeling clammy. Luxury for the summer and everyone who gets too hot quickly.

Pure new sheep wool (from controlled organic animal husbandry) - camel down hair - yak down hair or: warm, warmer, warmest.
The possibilities for variation are not only offered by the properties of the different materials, but we also produce blankets with different filling quantities - from the light summer blanket to the four-seasons blanket to the duo blanket for winter.
And individualists can put together a combination blanket according to their needs: how about a summer silk blanket and yak down hair for spring and autumn? Both blankets are provided with strips so that they can be combined to create the ultimate cosy comfort blanket.
Every material has its special characteristics, warms more or less, and has different climatic properties. At PROLANA you will find your perfect blanket. It doesn't matter which one you choose, one thing is always the same: All PROLANA products contain pure nature. Our cotton comes from controlled organic cultivation and the pure new wool from controlled organic animal husbandry. We offer you the blankets in different filling quantities, so you are perfectly wrapped up all year round.

Cotton: breathable, hard-wearing, for people with allergies to animal hair

Sheep wool: even, cosy warmth, regulates temperature

Camel down hair: quick moisture transport, warming, soft

Yak down hair: high heat potential, fluffy, cuddly

Silk: skin-friendly, cooling, noble



Prolana Kissen

The right pillow for your relaxation

Hardly anything is as close to us as the pillow. We put our head on it,  its supports our head while reading or we "bury" our face in it. This is exactly why it is so important to us at PROLANA to use 100% natural, healthy and skin-friendly materials. Our gentle raw materials of the best quality give you an extra sense of well-being when lying, sleeping and dreaming. Because natural sleep is the healthiest!

In order for you to find a relaxed sleep, it is most important from an  point of view that the cervical spine is in its natural position and is neither overstretched nor kinked. This is the only way to relax the neck and shoulder muscles. You should also consider how flexible you want your pillow to be. Are a "pillow cracker", you need it to cuddle or rather as a support. Do you sweat heavily or not at all? PROLANA offers pillows with different filling materials:

Cotton fabric: washable, firm

Pure new wool/balls: moisture control, soft

Camel down hair fleece: highly moisture regulating, very soft

Natural rubber moulded cushion: resilient and supportive

Natural rubber flakes: elastic and flexible

Spelt or millet husks: solid supportive, flexible hold


The PROLANA pillow range - find your favourite place for your head

Natural rubber flake pillows
Support your head and neck perfectly: pillows with natural rubber flakes are particularly elastic and cuddly. You can shake up the flakes well and create a custom pillow shape. The washable, dimensionally stable quilted cover with organic cotton is also moisture-regulating. You can adjust the filling quantity according to your needs.
Cover: Quilted cotton cover quilted with organic cotton fleece, filling: natural rubber flakes
Spelt pillow
Comfortable support for the head and neck. Spelled husks are robust, elastic, gently massage the skin, stimulate blood circulation and store heat very well. The filling amount is variable thanks to the Velcro fastener.
Cover: cotton (organic), filling: spelled husks (organic),

Millet pillow
This material impresses with its high supportive strength and flexibility. The smooth, fine "millet beads" adapt exactly to every movement and contour. You can easily vary the filling quantity yourself.
Cover: cotton (organic), filling: millet husks (organic)Pure new wool pillows
Make a nest, just as you like it. These pillows are very adaptable, soft and fluffy. They conduct moisture well and are particularly suitable for times when you sweat heavily.
Cover: cotton sateen or cotton jersey (organic), filling: pure new wool fleece or beads (organic)

Pure new wool quilted cushion
The flexible cushion is additionally supportive thanks to the quilted cover. You can adjust the filling quantity individually. The material ensures good moisture transport. Therefore, this pillow is particularly suitable for times when you sweat heavily.
Cover: cotton sateen or cotton jersey (organic) quilted with pure new wool fleece (organic), filling: pure new wool beads (organic)

Cotton quilted pillow
The soft, flatter pillow is ideal for stomach sleepers . The washable pillowcase with quilted cotton is suitable for those who are allergic to animal hair and house dust.
Cover: Fine cotton percale quilted with cotton fleece (organic), filling: cotton fleece (organic) or pure new wool beads (organic)

Camel down hair quilted pillow
The filling gives the pillow a supportive effect, the wonderful climate properties of camel down hair in the quilted cover ensure a perfect sleep feeling. You can easily adjust the filling quantity to your individual preferences.
Cover: cotton sateen (organic) quilted with camel down hair, filling: pure new wool beads (organic)

Neck support special pillow
Every night our sleep decides how rested we are the next day. Very important here: the spine-friendly positioning of the neck and head. Natural rubber is the ideal material if you prefer an elastic, well-supporting pillow. Especially people who tend to be tense, know how important the "perfect pillow" is. The specially offset neck area creates a relaxed head position. You can easily adjust the filling quantity yourself to suit your needs.
Cover: cotton sateen (organic) Filling: pure new wool beads (organic)



All about pure new wool beads and 'Wuthering Heights'

Terrier Scuby

Do you sleep on a PROLANA pillow with a pure new wool bead filling? Perhaps you have opened the zipper to vary the filling quantity or simply because you were curious to see what balls made of sheep's wool actually look like: white, with a size somewhere between a corn kernel and a blueberry, each well defined and yet in relation to the others - just imagine wool snowflakes in 3D. They are manufactured for PROLANA at Bronteglen, a small, long-established family business on the outskirts of Keighly, in Yorkshire, North-East England. The headquarters of the small company is a building made of the grey-green stone typical of the area. Behind it, the terrain rises steeply - a high moor whose contours are lost in swaths of damp mist. It's the landscape of Heathcliff, Catherine and Emily Bronte's 'Wuthering Heights'. The village of Haworth and the rectory where the Bronte sisters grew up is only two kilometres as the crow flies.

Despite the name - the word 'glen' refers to a narrow valley with a watercourse in northern England and Scotland - things are less dramatic at Bronteglen. In the office, Terrier Scuby welcomes visitors with tricks and great enthusiasm: the repertoire includes rolling sideways and dancing on his hind paws. "In the morning he can hardly wait to leave and get to the company," says Bronteglen boss Adam Smith. Adam's mother and sister work in the office, while his father Raymond takes care of the machines, supported by a few employees. And you don't have to be a tinkerer to be fascinated by these machines.

The wool from which the PROLANA pure new wool beads are made at Bronteglen is cleansed, washed clean and delivered in bales from the nearby wool laundry. At Bronteglen it is first carded, a machine combing process that smooths and aligns the wool fibres until the wool can be stored in neatly layered strips like a thick strand of cotton wool. The strand of wool is then cut into 4cm long pieces and carded again, this time forwards and backwards - hairdressers in the 1960s used a similar technique to back-comb their hairstyles. The resulting wool beads are still connected to one another by a fine network of individual wool fibres. They get their final shape in a machine that Ray Smith designed and constructed especially for this purpose: using a rolling movement, like  how gets its shape, and a stream of warm air, the carded wool becomes tens of thousands times smaller, and the result is more well-proportioned and softer and yet flexible and supportive pure new wool beads. Ray Smith's 'roller' can process 30kg of wool per hour into the perfect PROLANA cushion filling material. If Scuby could get in, the large boxes with ready-to-ship, soft, white sheep's wool beads would certainly be worth an extra roll sideways.