Gesunder Schlaf für Baby und Kind

Healthy sleep for babies and children

The best addition to the bedtime story is a cosy nest made of high-quality natural materials. Depending on your child's need for warmth, choose more warming pure new wool or cotton. The wonderful climate properties of natural fibres and hair create the right sleeping climate and security until morning. All materials that PROLANA uses are from organic production and are regularly checked for pollutants by independent institutes. In addition, PPROLANA is checked annually according to the GOTS criteria.

Pure organic cotton is a wonderful material for babies' and children's beds. The fibre is breathable, durable, easy to care for and very kind to the skin. As a summer bed or for children who do not need so much warmth, it is a perfect choice. Children who are allergic to animal hair or house dust will particularly feel comfortable in the washable cotton products. PROLANA cotton comes from certified organic cultivation and fair trade.

Pure new sheep's wool creates a pleasant, well-tempered and dry sleeping atmosphere thanks to its wonderful climatic properties. The wool fibre is self-cleaning thanks to the natural wool fat. An airing outside is enough to give it freshness and its fluffy volume back again. PROLANA pure new wool comes from controlled organic animal husbandry.

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