Our raw materials

Natural, high-quality raw materials are not only the guarantee for the special quality of our products. Organic production supports and promotes the preservation of natural habitats and ensures better living conditions for our trading partners.

Everything you find in Prolana products has grown naturally as much as possible. This applies to the smallest details. For example, we use buttons made from South American corozo for our bed linen - a particularly robust natural product. The only exception is the zipper. We have not discovered any natural material to replace it yet.

Why is this topic so important to us? Natural raw materials have unique and unmatched properties that enable us to manufacture bedding that meets the most varied of sleeping and resting needs. It is just as important to us how natural raw materials grow and under what conditions they are produced. Whether cotton, wild silk, pure new wool, camel down or yak down hair, or latex made from natural rubber: all of these materials are renewable. They are the natural counterpart to the petroleum-based materials and fibres used in the petrochemical industry.

Our products are healthy. They are healthy for our customers. They are healthy for the farmers who do not have to deal with toxic substances when growing organic cotton or when handling their sheep. And doing without artificial fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides in organic farming is good for the environment. That is why a direct, continuous and long-term relationship with the people who manufacture the raw materials for our products is very important to Prolana. As part of our partner concept, we actively promote and support the conversion to and certification of organic farming and animal husbandry: Prolana was the first to achieve organic certification for a flock of sheep in the Indian Himalayas.