Camel down hair

Camel down hair is the name given to the fine, very curly under-hair of the two-humped camels living on the plateaus of Mongolia or in other steppes of Central Asia. They have a coat that consists of dense, relatively coarse outer hair and fine under hair - the downy hair. This particularly soft precious hair is characterised by excellent climatic properties.

Camels can withstand hot summers and long, freezing cold winters. The fine,curly under-hair of their winter fur traps air, which is warmed by the body and thus acts as a buffer against the cold outside temperature. In spring, the under hair falls out in tufts, the animals neither have to be sheared nor combed. Due to its rarity, softness and delicacy, the downy hair is often mixed with pure new wool. But we also use it as a pure fibre without any admixture. This particularly soft camel down hair is characterised by its excellent climatic properties: it can absorb a lot of moisture and dissipate it to the outside very quickly. This creates a comfortable, dry sleeping environment. Bedding with a filling of camel down hair is ideal for everyone who likes it warm, cuddly and light at the same time.