Natural rubber

Our mattresses are made from 100% natural, plant-based raw materials. The most important of these is rubber.

Natural rubber is extremely durable and flexible. We don't just use it for the cores of our mattresses and toppers. It is also used in our special pillows. Pillows with natural latex flakes are particularly suitable for everyone who has problems with the neck or who are allergic to pet hair and house dust.

People generally use the term latex mattresses for chemically manufactured products as well. Since we only use the pure raw material from certified and fairly traded cultivation, we speak of natural latex for a better differentiation. The rubber tree gives us this valuable material. The rubber obtained is cleaned, concentrated and poured into moulds. The subsequent vulcanization process gives natural rubber its extraordinary flexibility and point elasticity. Incidentally, rubber trees absorb more CO2 than any other plant. Even tropical rainforests cannot compete with rubber growing areas in this regard.

Pure natural latex cores are particularly suitable for side sleepers, because the entire body is always positioned in the correct anatomical position. Shoulders and hips can sink in at certain points, the body is evenly supported, the spine is straight, and the intervertebral discs and muscles can relax. For those who prefer a firmer mattress, we combine the natural latex layers with supportive, breathable coconut latex.