Coconut rubber

In many mattress cores we also use coconut latex layers in addition to pure natural latex. These ensure a point surface elastic feeling when lying down.

Pure natural latex cores are point-elastic. They are particularly suitable for side sleepers, because the entire body is positioned in the correct anatomical position. For everyone who sleeps on their back or stomach, we combine the natural latex layers with supportive, breathable coconut latex. The firmness is achieved with one or two layers of coconut latex. In this coconut latex layer, the pressure is distributed over a larger area. The mattress becomes firmer, but remains elastic. The higher the proportion of coconut latex layers, the harder the core.

We extract the coconut fibres from the shell of the coconut. The natural fibres are dried in the sun and then twisted so that they get a wavy, almost frizzy structure. Laying out in strips and thinly sprayed with natural latex, a flexible but firm coconut latex mat is created after vulcanization.

We offer pure coconut latex mats for small children: These should be a little firmer, as their muscles are not yet so well developed and the spine needs firmer support.