Wild silk

Wild silk is an exquisite material that is obtained from the cocoons of silkworms. Wild silk is light and airy. It can absorb a lot of moisture and still feels pleasantly dry - the perfect material for light summer blankets and for people who like it cooler or like to sleep in warm rooms.

We use so-called Ahimsa wild silk for our blankets, under-beds and toppers. The name comes from the Indian word ""Ahimsa"", which literally means ""not to hurt"". This is a sericulture in which the silk thread is only ""wrapped"" from the cocoon after the butterfly has hatched from it. In this way, no damage is done to the caterpillars. The cocoons are damaged by the hatching of the butterfly and the silk thread that can be unreeled is much shorter than that of cultured silk. The extraction and processing of the silk thread is therefore more complex, but it goes without saying that the caterpillars must not be killed during the silk extraction. Prolana only uses golden-brown wild silk, which is particularly suitable for filling blankets thanks to its high fill power. We process the original silk into an airy fleece, which is then used in an exquisite satin cover such as our Siena wild silk blanket, for example.