Yak down hair

Light and super warm - this is the kind of wool that yaks need. Their home is the high plains of Central Asia. Their thick, multi-layered brown or black fur is perfect for the harsh climate that they have to endure all year round.

In Ladak, the northernmost and highest state of India, the yaks graze, looked after by shepherds and their families. On the high pastures (4000 m and higher) there is almost always a harsh cold wind, even in summer. The long outer hair of the yaks reaches almost to the ground. Underneath there is fine, curly under-hair, which can keep in a lot of warming air and thus form a natural insulation. This downy hair is the perfect duvet filling for anyone who needs a lot of warmth and wants to cuddle up in a light, fluffy blanket. The yaks lose their fur when they naturally switch from thick winter fur to slightly lighter summer fur. As a rule, it is combed out by the shepherds, and occasionally yaks are also sheared. Approx. 300 - 500 g of the fine under-hair are obtained per animal each year.