PROLANA – pioneering natural bedding

PROLANA – pioneering natural bedding

PROLANA has been manufacturing ecological mattresses and bedding since 1987 and is now one of the leading manufacturers in Germany. During this time, the company has repeatedly set higher standards and trends. For example, PROLANA is a pioneer for fair trade in natural rubber and is now the world's largest processor of this material. Independent laboratories, quality associations and certifiers guarantee compliance with PROLANA standards:

Ecological. Healthy. Fair. Sustainable.

Founded with a lot of idealism as a small manufacturer, PROLANA today offers a select and wide range of products with a team of around 50 committed women and men at a location in southern Germany on a total production area of ​​around 3,000 square meters under the motto "Sleep well - live vitally" providing mattresses, bedding and wellness articles made from natural materials.

Thanks to its convincing and principled products, PROLANA has developed into a renowned company that has found a firm place in the hearts of its customers. The basis of success is the firm will to stand up to cheap, mass-produced goods that are manufactured without consideration for people or nature, by making ecologically sound and high-quality products. The initial spark for founding the company was the so-called lindane scandal. Investigations had shown that the sheep's wool, which until then was considered to be unproblematic, was sometimes contaminated with alarmingly high concentrations of pesticides. This meant that environmental toxins had penetrated into a vital area of ​​life that had not been recognized as a danger zone - the bed.

PROLANA was the first manufacturer in Germany to start producing blankets and mattresses from pure new wool without the use of pesticides. This pioneering act met consumer needs. The idea became a complete success and the name PROLANA became a synonym for healthy, ecologically sound bedding. In all modesty, PROLANA can credit itself to having made a significant contribution to rethinking the entire industry with its innovation.

PROLANA was also the first German manufacturer to process cotton from controlled organic cultivation as far as possible. In order to live up to its responsibility towards people and nature, PROLANA initiated and sponsored a cultivation project for organic cotton in Nicaragua, both ideally and financially. Many other projects have been added over the years. In addition to the principle of using organic raw materials from controlled ecological companies with the highest standards whenever possible, fair trade is actively promoted today. PROLANA is the world's largest buyer of natural rubber from fair trade. Here, too, PROLANA sets the trends: the company is a founding member of Fair Rubber e.V. PROLANA continues to actively develop its sources of supply, allowing the promotion of  initiatives that enable local people to have a better livelihood and healthier working conditions.

Today PROLANA offers a wide range of natural bedding for adults and children. The well thought-out and mature PROLANA products will continue to set trends in the future.

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