Medium-firm zonal core and soft latex layer

Cover quilted with pure new wool


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The SARAI SUPERIOR is a 23 cm thick, supremely comfortable zonal mattress made from pure natural latex with a special shoulder zone. The core is soft to medium in firmness and is, therefore, slightly firmer than the SANYA mattress. It offers point-elastic support, while the special shoulder zone allows the shoulder region to softly sink into the mattress. When you change your sleeping position, the material returns to its initial form and perfectly adapts to the profile of your body. It provides gentle support and allows your muscles to relax and your spinal discs to regenerate. All SUPERIOR mattresses come with an extra layer of natural latex. This extra layer of high-quality natural latex makes the mattress extremely springy and supportive. The outstanding point support provided by the zonal core is fully retained. Choose between a soft and medium firmness for the upper layer of latex. And pick a cover to suit your requirements: Choose between a durable cover made from organic cotton drill or a cover made from soft organic cotton jersey – both are quilted with pure organic new wool to help regulate temperature. Carry handles are included on the sides, so you can move your mattress more easily.

SARAI SUPERIOR mattress product details

  • Mattress height: Approx. 23 cm
  • Core:
    1 x 7.5 cm extra layer of natural latex
    15 cm natural latex
  • Cover: Choose between:
    Quilted drill cover, organic cotton, quilted with pure organic new wool
    Quilted jersey cover, organic cotton, quilted with pure organic new wool
  • Firmness of the extra layer of natural latex: Choose between soft and medium
  • Firmness of the SARAI SUPERIOR: Soft/medium
  • Property: Point elastic
  • Sleeping position: Side sleeper
  • Body weight: Recommended up to approx. 80 to 95 kg

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